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Headquartered in Ottawa Ontario, EPL International (Emergency Parts Logistics) began operations in October of 2009 with one employee and one customer supporting the movement of time critical shipments. Today we have offices and employees in Montreal, Toronto, Timmins, Windsor, Vancouver and Phoenix. Our clients encompass all sectors of the economy.

Our services have evolved into managing general cargo shipments and special projects that have tight deadlines and require constant follow up. We have also become night hawks and road warriors, as we all drive anywhere safely.

Over the years, we have become experts in moving shipments between the USA and Canadian borders 24/7/365. To date, we have moved thousands of shipments with virtually no delays.

As we expanded into different markets, we quickly realized that there was no off the shelf track and trace program that could be purchased to satisfy the required communication of critical milestones. We have invested a significant amount of time and resources into our proprietary database that supports all our clients’ shipments. We manage routings by paying attention to details and communication in real time. We have developed the most creative track & trace program in our industry.

We have established meaningful relationships and joint venture agreements with the First Nations of Canada.

We are the Special Forces of the transportation industry…..Our elite team of operation specialists is available 24/7/365.