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Wayne Galley
Founder – President

Wayne’s background comes from within the transportation industry. Starting out as a driver, then promoted to an account executive and global account manager with multi national courier companies, Wayne gained a significant amount of experience working closely with fortune 500 companies internationally. His primary role is focused on expanding our services by anticipating new opportunities both domestically and globally.

Wayne is very active and engaged in developing strategic partnerships with the First Nations across Canada.

Wayne studied International Business at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, Montreal Quebec.

Brad Wilson
Chief Operating Officer

Brad has amassed extensive general and financial management skills garnered over a thirty two year executive career in the transportation and logistics industries.

Brad is responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of the monthly and annual financial statements and plays an integral role in forecasting and implementing EPL’s tactical and strategic plans.

Brad studied Commerce at Concordia University, Montreal Quebec and completed the Executive Sales & Marketing programs at Queens University, Kingston

Michael MacIsaac
Partner – Managing Director

Michael’s background comes from the paper industry managing the circulation departments of major news papers. Michael works very closely with our operation teams, agents and our customers traffic departments to ensure we have the most efficient processes in place. Michael also works very closely with Canadian & US customs authorities. He also spends time working with Transport Canada on the new ACS procedures. Basically, Michael ensures our day to day operations run smoothly.

Michael studied Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa.

Derek Wharton
Director of North American Operations

Derek comes from a background in logistics startups and law enforcement. Over the last several years Derek has worked to build long term relationships with agents, airlines and the TSA to ensure the highest level of compliance for security across the board. He also spends time developing training and standard operating procedures for all aspects of logistics and operations.

Derek studied Criminal Justice at Arizona State University.