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The complex requirements that encompass the movement of cargo during a shutdown requires “out of the box” thinking in order to avoid delays while in transit.

For mining facilities, power generation plants, oil refineries and pulp & paper plants, EPL “Cargo Services Group” utilizes its knowledge of customs, airlines, warehouses and routings to get the job done, on time, within budget and without delays.

EPL can manage your most challenging and difficult shipments. From the original manufacturing site to the final point of delivery, whether it be a remote jobsite or warehouse – whatever is required by the client, we can do it.

Early discussion for a shutdown to develop a customized transportation plan with our Cargo Services Group is critical to avoiding unnecessary delays, especially after hours, holidays and weekends. On site planning sessions with the client ensures proper routings are utilized.

National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces
Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard

Whether the forces require an urgent shipment for a C-130 in East Africa or the Middle East, critical parts for ships that are docked, CH 148 Cyclone helicopter, additional deployment gear for the Army, Coast Guard vessels operationally grounded, our team of operation specialists will help ensure that there is minimal downtime.
Our general Cargo Services will move freight to the most difficult regions of the world, including conflict zones, that have specific deadlines and/or require constant follow up and communication.

For areas such as Mali and Latvia, we can help coordinate the movement of freight, especially through customs.
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