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We hear it all the time from our customers “our driver is stuck at the border and cannot get through customs, can you help us?” We have spent a significant amount of time working with customs on both sides of the border to ensure we understand the regulations and process. Rarely, do we have none EPL drivers cross the border as this allows us to maintain complete control of the process and avoid delays. This is one of the reasons why we have boots on the ground at all major border crossings. When your operation or customer has an urgent shipment for a line down situation you can be assured we will get through customs with no unavoidable delays.

Today, Canadian and US customs will not allow anyone to cross their borders even if there is a jay walking ticket not paid. Customs will know…….

Our drivers are all FAST and NEXUS approved card holders.

EPL International accreditations CT PAT – PIP – FAST – ACI