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Indigenous engagement


Our Story

Abitibi River Logistics (ARL) is First Nations, women lead business that specializes in emergency parts logistics, with a mission to improve the quality of life for First Nations communities across the country. The company was founded with a vision to provide timely and efficient delivery of critical supplies and equipment to remote and isolated communities and organizations in the resource sector, particularly those in the northern regions of Canada.

The company’s unique approach to emergency logistics is to be powered by Emergency Parts Logistics infrastructure, which is designed to quickly and efficiently locate and transport the parts and supplies that communities and organizations need to maintain their essential services. This global infrastructure enables Abitibi River Logistics to provide a rapid response to emergency situations, such as power outages, equipment failures, and other critical incidents.

Abitibi River Logistics has a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company’s logistics operations are designed to minimize the impact on the environment, while also ensuring the safety and well-being of its employees and the communities it serves. This commitment is reflected in the company’s policies and procedures, which prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

As part of its commitment to improving the quality of life for First Nations communities, Abitibi River Logistics has developed a range of initiatives and partnerships that support community development and sustainability. The Abitibi River Logistics Inc works closely with local leaders and organizations to offer opportunity.

Management Team

Majority Partner – Managing Director

Chelsey Linklater is a member of the Wahgoshig First Nation and has a background in logistics. She began her career as a driver and worked her way up to become a logistics coordinator. Currently, Chelsey aims to grow her company, Abitibi River Logistics, while also striving to enhance the quality of life for First Nations communities across Canada. Her dedication to her community and her entrepreneurial spirit have made her an inspiring figure within the logistics industry.

Michael MacIsaac

Michael’s background comes from the paper industry managing the circulation departments of major news papers. Michael works very closely with our operation teams, agents and our customers traffic departments to ensure we have the most efficient processes in place. Michael also works very closely with Canadian & US customs authorities. He also spends time working with Transport Canada on the new ACS procedures. Basically, Michael ensures our day to day operations run smoothly.

Michael studied Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa.

Tye Alexander
Partner – Managing Director

Tye has an extensive background in emergency logistics. Tye has been with EPL for over 13 years. EPL has a proud history of collaborating with First Nations communities, including a formal partnership with Emergency Parts Logistics, a majority-controlled First Nations company.
EPL is an industry leader, providing same-day deliveries of critical parts for the resource sector throughout North America, 24/7/365. To date, EPL has successfully delivered over 10,000 shipments throughout North America and this number continues to grow.
Starting out as a driver, then promoted to an account executive and global account manager with multi-national courier companies, Tye gained significant experience working closely with Fortune 500 companies internationally.

His primary focus is now on expanding Abitibi River Logistics services by anticipating new opportunities, both domestically and globally.
Tye is active and engaged in the development of strategic partnerships with First Nations communities across Canada.