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Logistics is the movement and storage of goods from one place to another. Logistics providers are those that specialize in this process. Emergency Parts Logistics (EPL) offers time-critical logistics for our customers, especially those in the mining, oil and gas, aerospace, military, and more industries. Below, we’ll review what you should look for in logistics services. Contact us today!


Since you are transporting goods, you need to have the means to move these goods. Thus, you want to investigate the capabilities of logistics companies in order to ensure they can meet your needs. EPL offers time-critical deliveries using charter, direct drive, next flight out, and on-board couriers.


Many companies and industries need goods shipped to many places, from local to national and international. When looking for the best logistics services, you’ll want to ask about their coverage area. EPL offers coverage worldwide in order to better meet our customers’ needs.


When time is of the essence, such as with time-critical deliveries, you need a logistics company with experience. Let’s face it, delays can occur at any turn, and you need a logistics provider who can handle these twists and turns. Let EPL help today.


Of course, speed is perhaps the most important factor when looking for an exceptional logistics provider. Delays can be extremely costly. Thus, they should be avoided at all costs. Reliability and speed are essential for time-critical deliveries.


Emergency Parts Logistics specializes in time-critical logistics and delivery services. Based in Ottawa, we serve all of North America and the world with our time-critical shipping solutions. Our mission is to deliver your packages with no delays, penalties, or loss in revenue. Get in touch today!