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When you need goods quickly, you most likely worry that they won’t come in time due to delivery delays or unforeseen circumstances. This can impact your bottom line as a business, or impact an aspect of your personal life. Emergency Parts Logistics (EPL) offers time critical deliveries of your packages. Below, we’ll take a look at how we can help settle your nerves in urgent situations. Get in touch today!

Create SOPs For All Parties

The first thing we do for our customers is create an SOP or Standard Operating Procedure. These SOPs allow us to meticulously plan the steps in your time-critical delivery process in order to ensure all contingencies are accounted for and your goods will arrive on time.

Minimize Delays

Because we offer so many different methods of time-critical transportation, you can rest assured that your goods will experience minimum delays. We offer charter, direct drive, next flight out, and on-board courier services in order to best meet your needs.

Reduce Penalties

Our team has years of experience in transporting goods, both domestically and internationally. This allows us to ensure your goods experience reduced penalties as they travel from place to place.

Constant Communication

We’ve developed our own proprietary track and trace program that allows us to stay in constant communication with our customers. If there are any delays, you will know about it in real time, and our experts work tirelessly to ensure your goods keep moving.


Emergency Parts Logistics (EPL) offers the best in time-critical shipments and deliveries. Based in Ottawa, we now have offices and employees  in Montreal, Toronto, Timmins, Windsor, Vancouver and Phoenix. Whether you need a special customized transportation plan or you just need next flight out services, we serve all industries. Get in touch today!