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EPL International (Emergency Parts Logistics) is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. We have served industries from mining to aerospace for time-critical delivery needs and we have extensive experience as a transport and logistics company. We offer our services 24/7, and we even offer Next Flight Out Delivery Services that you can read more about below. Request a quote today. 

What Do These Services Entail?

At EPL International, we specialize in promt delivery and we guarantee that your delivery needs are met in a timely matter. Next Flight Out ensures that your critical shipments are sent on the next available flight without any delays or hassles.

Advantages of This Service

Not only is this delivery service reliable and convenient, but it also offers you the safety and security of knowing your goods have been transported properly. Additionally, we offer custom delivery solutions for your convenience.

Should I Use This Service?

NFO can be at your advantage if you need an emergency service. We are available at all hours and every day of the year to help you transport what you need securely and efficiently. Next Flight Out courier might be necessary for you depending on your situation.

Why Choose Us?

We understand your needs and the critical timestamp that goes along with it. At EPL International, you can rely on us for your time-critical shipment given our dedication and experience with various industries.

Our Next Flight Out services are highly beneficial for your delivery service needs if you require transportation of your merchandise promptly or if you want to ensure your goods are shipped safely. Our team at EPL International wants you to experience the benefits of our services, and we are dedicated to serving the industries we work with. Learn about our management team here.